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Our journey

so far...


Our Core Values



Rooted with an inclusive philosophy, we believe art should be accessible to people from all walks of life. Creativity and imagination will instill confidence and empower learners of diverse abilities.



Design is a powerful tool to create change around us; having the ability to empathise and create viable solutions for a better world. Challenge new ideas and become the driving force for social innovation.



Embracing digital technologies and innovation for  social good to  enable and create positive change for our  community. After all, people are at the heart of everything we do.



It is our absolute dedication to inspire compassion for the less privileged. We aim towards creating an ecosystem of change makers and thought leaders who envision to create sustainable impact for a more inclusive society.


Our Story 

Junior Art Lab was started to empower disadvantaged young children and youths by providing them access to learning opportunities for developing creative digital literacy skills in a fun and engaging way. We felt that the marginalised and underserved communities have limited access to opportunities for developing skills to better equip them in the digital technology era. We aim to reach out to support and guide them  to bring about positive impact in their lifelong outcomes and narrow their developmental gaps in order for them to have a brighter future and better life opportunities in the 21st Century. 


Our Vision

Empowering creative minds today

for a better tomorrow.


Our Mission 

To nurture in each and everyone the creative confidence in using technology in order to empower them for the 21st Century.


Our Pedagogy 

Through our engaging classes & workshops, we aim to provide an avenue for them to develop themselves not only creatively but to be more digitally competent by instilling confidence for developing future-ready skills and competencies. We offer subsidised and accessible programmes for our beneficiaries, as we strongly believe in equal learning opportunities. And through our innovative programmes, we teach the fundamentals of using the computer as well broaden critical thinking through art and design. We aim to nurture the creative confidence in using technology as we believe that creativity and imagination combined with the power of technology will build confidence and empower learners of diverse abilities.

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Our Lab Team 

Our team consists of passionate and talented individuals with a driving motivation to educate and nurture the next generation to help them reach their full creative potential. With each a captivating story and an underlying message to share in hopes to inspire our learners to be the best version of themselves. We truly believe that the future belongs to the children and youths today and that they create the change they would want to see for a better tomorrow.